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If you are looking for a relaxed and safe ride, Rekab is for you.


Same direction, different destinations


Rekab vehicles are comfortable, clean, and well maintained.


Rekab vehicles are comfortable, clean, and well maintained.


Rekab vehicles are comfortable, clean, and well maintained.

Do you need a ride? Get Rekab and enjoy your trip!

Watch the video below to understand how ridesharing works!

Welcome to Rekab!


Reach your destination

With a simple overview and quick booking option, we do not waste any time. Get a ride with a simple registration process.

Reduce the Traffic Congestion

With a good service, we save a lot of time. the time you need for your trip to be able to enjoy it.

Save you money

Services should be simple. Beautiful design with easy operation. With Rekab you drive one way faster.

Save the Environment

Our map management works quickly and flexibly. Perfect for finding your next ride quickly.


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Your safety is our priority

Ridesharing with Rekab is a safe and affordable way to get around town. There are no surge prices, so you always know what you’re going to pay, and you can be sure that your driver has been screened and verified. Plus, thanks to the app’s rating system, you can be sure that you’re getting into a car with a safe driver.

Furthemore, Rekab cars are outfitted with cameras to ensure your safety. In the event of an accident or altercation, these cameras can provide vital evidence.


Finally and in order to protect our passengers and staff from the risk of Covid19, we have taken some new measures on board. Covid-19

  • Trained Drivers
  • Time Deliverable

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Order now your first ride!



How do I order a trip?

Sign Up

The Rekab App is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. Sign up easily by entering your personal information and your preferred payment method


To use the Rekab app, select your pick-up and drop-off locations.


After finishing your ride, you have the possibility to rate the driver

When will my Rekab pick me up?

The Rekab car will pick you io at the arrival time indicated in the app.

How much does the service cost?

The price varies depending on the route. In most cases, the price of a ride is about 20 SAR


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